Frequently Asked Questions

About the amazing AryLift single caregiver motorized patient lift.

Are AryLift Patient Lifts Medicare Approved?

Yes, AryLift Patient Lifts are Medicare Approved.  Call for details about how to purchase with the assistance of Medicare.

Do you need special training to operate the AryLift Patient Lift Home1000?

No, virtually anyone can operate this patient lift system after viewing our easy operation video supplied with your unit.

Can a single caregiver bathe a patient with the AryLift Home1000 Patient Lift?

Yes! Routine bathing and linen changing is a snap with AryLift increasing overall patient hygiene.

What standard equipment comes with my AryLift Patient Lift?

2 – sets of patient supports straps, 1 – shower bag, drain pan and bathing kit hoses, Batteries and charger

How long has AryLift been in the Patient Lift business?

Serving the industry for almost two decades Arylift has been in business since 1991.

Who is Arylift/AryLift?

Arylift is a company that prides itself on Patient Care & Facility Patient handling. Founded by Gene Smith of Shallotte, NC., Arylift products were the only answer he could find for a dear friend. Gene and his wife Beverly owned & operated Coastal Machine & Welding which is where Abe Ferrell was an Employee. Abe’s wife Ary, suffered her second stroke in which left her severely debilitated and bed-bound. Abe was doing everything that he could at the age of 84 to care for his loving wife, however…even with the help from neighbors and friend the care for Ary took allot out of people physically. Struggling to keep his wife at home instead of a local nursing facility, Abe went to his dear friend/boss Mr. Smith stating, “Gene your always making and putting things together for people, so can’t you make me something to help me with Ary”? So sure that there was something already out there, Gene took Abe shopping for an answer. Finding absolutely nothing available, Gene went to the drawing board. Thus, AryLift was born. Ary, given 4 days to live has now lived 10 years since her stroke. What better name for our product, than to name it after the person that it was first designed for. Whether your a bed-bound patient or the Caregiver, an Arycare product can be of assistance to your every need. From turning, transferring, lifting or bathing; Arycare will handle your specific need with great ease and comfort.

Will you service my area?

YES!! Arylift will service any area. The way we are able to do so is through your set-up cost. If you live outside of our local area (Shallotte, N.C.) you are charged per mile radius. Call our toll free # for more info.

How much weight can the C1000 Patient Lift handle?

The C1000 can safely lift up to 1000 lbs, as well as performing all of the other AryLift tasks, such as transferring, weighing, and bathing under the same load.

What are the specifications of the C1000 Patient Lift?

98.5″ L x 76.5″ H x 30.5″ W (this is with the bars retracted) Electrical: 24v DC, Charger 120v AC

What are the specifications of the Home1000 Patient Lift?

The Home1000 Dimensions – 97 3/4″ L x 76 1/2″ H x 30″ W Power – 120 VAC

Is it true that 2 caregivers/nurses can give someone up to 1000lbs. complete patient handling without strain to them or the patient?

Yes!! Isn’t this something?!? Because of the extreme capability of the C1000, people across the world are getting the care and handling that they deserve due to the innovation of AryLift’s C1000 unit. Being able to lift, transfer, turn, offer positional therapy, weigh and yes..Bathed someone up to 1,000 pounds (all while in the comfort of their room) makes the C1000 most sought out piece of medical equipment available in the GOP field.

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