AryLift® Therapeutic Support System

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Medicare Approved (See FAQ for Details)

Multipositional Lift and Patient Mobility Solution

 The AryLift Therapeutic Support System is the solution for day-to-day mobility and repositioning  issues of a disabled patient who is bedbound.   Simply put, Arylift is an electrically powered patient lift,  which gently raises and lowers a patient in their full-length supine position. All this can be accomplished with the simple touch of a button.  But it is more than just a typical patient lift, it can also be considered as a type of  Complex Rehab Technology (CRT).  It helps to accomplish easily by ONE caregiver the daily tasks of:

  • Bathing
  • Changing Linens
  • Changing Patient’s Clothes
  • Repositioning Patient
  • Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair
  • Air Circulation: Prevents pressure ulcers
  • Physical Therapy: Provides the means for a range of motion exercises on legs & knees

Ergonomics. All the above tasks are accomplished with no excessive physical strain on the back or shoulders, and all by a single caregiver.  Most importantly, AryLift  brings a higher quality of life and comfort to your or loved one. (See Photo Gallery)

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