AryLift FAQs

Are Arylifts Medicare Approved for Payment?

Yes, AryLift patient lifts are Medicare approved for reimbursement. However, the beneficiary  must meet specific criteria. They must be confined to bed, and not be able to walk, sit up on their own. This can include temporary situations such as such as back or spinal cord injuries, or sadly, in hospice situations.  Medicare will pay out the majority cost in 13 payments. After that the life becomes the property of the beneficiary.  Please email for specifics.

Do You Need Special Training to Operate the Arylift Unit?

No. But you will receive practical training.  The AryLift staff will give you thorough training at the time of delivery. Detailed operation manuals are given, and toll-free customer support is always available.  Relax, virtually anyone can operate it.

Can Just One Caregiver Handle a Patient with AryLift?

Yes. One person can handle their patient.  This is precisely why the AryLift was invented, that is to assist a single family member such as a spouse, to perform routine bathing, linen changing, and repositioning of their mate at home.  We say, “If you can press a button and use a washcloth,  you can use AryLift.”  We want to help families stay together at home if possible, avoiding placement at a nursing home.

Who is AryLift, LLC?

AryLift LCC is DME Supplier (Durable Medical Equipment supplier, a.k.a. DMEPOS) operating from Shallotte North Carolina. We are a Medicare approved supplier, our NPI Number is 1386299451. We are also the manufacturer and owner of the design itself. We do not provide any other type of medical equipment or supplies.  AryLift was founded and invented by Gene Smith also of Shallotte, who initially received four US Patents on it. We are accredited by the ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) We are licensed to operate in NC by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy (NCBOP) Permit number 02698.

AryLift has been in business since 1991. Initially it was sold to the hospital industry.  Mr. Smith pulled out due to complicated bureaucracy of hospital systems. Since he had other businesses, he let AryLift go dormant for several years. In July 2019, he along with investors relaunched the product with a different marketing plan: for home use only, through Medicare or private pay. Our aim is to enable the aging population, or the chronically disabled, to be cared for at home.

History of AryLift

AryLift is a namesake for the late Mrs. Ary Ferrell. She had a stroke which left her paralyzed.  Her husband, Abe Ferrell was desperate to keep his wife Ary out of a nursing home. He was adamant, even though Medicaid would have paid for it.  Abe was doing all he could at age 84 to care for her, bathing, cleaning, changing the sheets; he was overwhelmed, but determined to find a solution. He begged Gene Smith, his employer and friend to assist. Gene owned a small steel fabrication and crane company and set off to shop at medical suppliers for a patient lift.  He was surprised there was nothing on the market which could accomplish the task. Being creative, Gene went on to invent this lift just to help out Ary and Abe Ferrell. Other friends noticed so he built two more, and the rest is history.

Four patents were awarded for his invention. Medicare was so impressed they had to create AryLift’s own HCPCS Code E0636  (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System)

Ary Ferrell, lived on for years since her stroke. Her husband was able to turn, bathe, clean, change linens, clothes, all by himself at home. It is our hope this will also help you keep your loved one in the atmosphere of love at home, as opposed to cold institutional care.

What Is Your Service Area?

Currently we are only able to provide units in eastern North Carolina. In particular we are focusing on  New Hanover and Brunswick Counties. We hope to expand in 2021. We are the acting DME (Durable Medical Equipment) provider for the lift. In the future we hope to be able make it available at wholesale to other DMEs across the country. However, inquiries are always welcome. Contact

How Much Weight Can The 707B Home Unit Handle?

The 707B home unit can safely lift a person weighing up to 500 lbs., though is tested at three times that, according to FDA safety standards.  For extreme bariatric cases, please contact us about the limited edition C1000 Hospital unit, which lifts to 1000 lbs. and has an integrated scale for weighing a patient. (see photo in gallery)

What are the specifications of the 707B AryLift?

The lift takes up just a little more than the bed because the equipment goes upward not outward into the room. It is just over 8 ft long, and 2.5 ft wide.  (Dimensions – 97 3/4″ L x 76 1/2″ H x 30″ W) Power – 120 V AC  UL Listed.

According to CMS, (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) the AryLift is described as “Multipositional Patient Support System, with Integrated lift, [and] Patient Accessible Controls”. The AryLift can also be considered as a type of  Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) used for example, with ALS or SCI (Spinal cord injuries), burn victims and other such disabilities.

What Standard Equipment Comes with My AryLift 707B?

Each unit comes with two sets of patient support slings. Each set comprises of one head sling, four mid- body slings, and one leg sling. The other set is for changing out for laundry cycles, this way you always have a clean set in use. The 707B also comes with a complete shower kit: Full length shower tray (a.k.a. pan) with drain hose;  One shower Bag with hose. One full body harness/ hammock is also included for wheelchair transfers or for use as an alternative when bathing. photos

How Long Has AryLift Been in The Patient Lift Business?

Since 1991. Initially being sold to hospital industry in the US and Canada, the investors have relaunched the product for home use only. We want to help “Keep families together at home” so loved ones can ‘age in place.’ That is our mission and what drives us, after seeing so many of our  friends having to institutionalize their spouse in a nursing home.  

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