‘Keeping Families Together at Home

Are you Considering a Nursing Home

Just because you cannot physically maneuver your loved one?

A spouse may face the difficult decision of whether to send their loved one to a private care facility simply because they are not physically strong enough to care for their daily physical needs. Each day there are important tasks to perform: changing sheets, turning the patient (repositioning), and keeping the patient clean, all which is physically demanding. The AryLift Therapeutic Support System enables one person to care for such tasks with ease at home. That’s right, just one person, even senior citizens can operate it. If you can press a button and use a washcloth, you can operate AryLift and keep them home. Medicare can help with most of the cost. If they need nursing care, Home Health Services such as can assist. (See FAQ for qualifications)

Showered and Bathed over their own bed!

No more sponge baths! Think of it: with the AryLift Therapeutic Support system your loved one can experience a real shower over their own bed at home. An elderly spouse can do it. The bedbound individual will love it and feel so much better than years of washcloth baths. Quality of life is enhanced; hygiene is greatly improved.  They are cleaned, rinsed with a warm shower, dried. Clothes are changed while suspended over the bath pan. If enemas are required from time to time, the AryLift bathing system makes it far less of an ordeal. Better health and hygiene as a result.  

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